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The Alibi Club

Chosen by Publishers Weekly as one of the 15 best novels of the year and by the San Francisco Chronicle as one of the best books for the holiday season!

The Alibi Club

It's the city's most infamous after-hours haunt—a glittering hotbed of deals and debaucheries. The sordid death of Philip Stilwell sends shock waves through the Alibi Club... for there's much more to Stilwell's untimely end than a sex game gone wrong. His murder and the desperate attempt to keep a deadly weapon out of German hands till bring together the strands of a twisted plot of betrayal, passion, and espionage—one connected to the Alibi Club... and to the most explosive secret of the war.

As the Nazis march on Paris and the crisis escalates, four remarkable characters are swept into the maelstrom. Their courage will change the course of history.

Sally King—Philip Stilwell planned to propose to her the very night of his death. Shattered, she will uncover the truth for which her lover died—whatever the cost.

Memphis Jones—The African-American blues diva who came to Paris via Tennessee. Leaving the city that loves her is unthinkable—even if the Nazis force her to wear a yellow star.

Nell Bracecourt—The coming German invasion offers this earl's daughter a dangerous jolt out of boredom and disillusionment...and a final, deadly rendezvous.

Iréne Curie—Daughter of the world's most famed scientists, her marriage and the foundations of atomic fusion are on a collision course.

Epic yet intimate, a seamless blend of fact and fiction based on a little-known episode of the war, The Alibi Club is a thriller of fierce and complex suspense by a writer whose own life in the spy world makes espionage come uniquely alive.

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"Imagine the impeccable period details of Alan Furst's novels about Paris during WWII mixed with a cast straight out of Casablanca and you begin to get some idea of the pleasures on tap in Mathew's new thriller..."
   —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Francine Mathews is seemingly doing her best to create a new sub genre; that of "atmospheric espionage thriller." Involving characters that readers either remember or have read about, her eye for historical detail combined with her CIA experience as an intelligence analyst brings the March-June 1940 time in Paris to life in The Alibi Club. Mathews creates dynamic fictional characters to balance the known characters that people her novel. The plot is fast moving, gritty and edgy as the times, with expected and unexpected twists."
   —The Mystery Reader

Bantam, hardcover, August 2006, ISBN: 9780553803310
Bantam, mass market paperback, May 2007, ISBN: 9780553586305