That Churchill Woman

Full Praise

“This finely researched, sumptuous novel from Barron follows the journey of American heiress Jennie Jerome, mother of Winston Churchill…. Barron’s commitment to detail and scope allows for illuminating flashbacks and references to actual family letters, which serve to flesh out Jennie’s story with realism and empathy…. Presenting a fiercely intelligent, independent version of Jennie, this satisfying book actively pushes back against her historical reputation as a scandalous woman to great, consuming effect.”
Publishers Weekly

“Most people know that Winston Churchill’s mother, Jennie Jerome, was an American who married a British lord, but there’s much more to Lady Randolph Churchill than her talent for painting and that she had a famous son…Barron vividly portrays Jennie against the backdrop of the Gilded Age—glamourous aspects and the strict societal mores that constrained the upper classes, especially women. Scandal, notoriety, and passionate affairs may have been the hallmarks of Jennie’s life, but this novel shows her as a modern woman before her time: politically in tune, faithful in her own way, and a loving if distant mother…Sure to be a book club favorite.”
Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW

“For fans of ‘Downton Abbey’ and the Gilded Age, Stephanie Barron’s That Churchill Woman is the perfect confection of a novel. We’re introduced to Jennie, Lady Randolph Churchill and the mother of Winston, in all of her passion and keen intelligence and beauty. While she is surrounded by a cast of late Victorian celebrities, including Bertie, Prince of Wales, it’s always Jennie who shines and takes the center stage she was born to. A rollicking good read, highly recommended!”
Melanie Benjamin, New York Times bestselling author of The Aviator’s Wife

“Barron cuts through the scandal and rumors surrounding Lady Randolph Churchill to bring us the woman herself in all her complexity: caught between worlds as an American in England, an intimate of princes, a favorite target of the scandal sheets, and, yet, intensely private and fiercely loyal. Barron brings us with Jennie to a world seething with secrets behind a facade of intricate etiquette and elaborate gowns. An immense accomplishment from a seasoned author.”
Lauren Willig, New York Times bestselling author of The English Wife and The Glass Ocean